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Our Process


The wellness industry has skyrocketed with supplements. However, the ingredients are not all regulated and a standard dose is not always right for everyone. Along with that, when taking a pill the gastrointestinal system only absorbs about 20-50% of the ingredients.


No more guessing games. We have the testing to show us exactly what your body is lacking and the intravenous therapy regimens to accurately supplement what your body needs- nothing more, nothing less. With IV therapy, essential vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and amino acids are delivered directly into the veins, bypassing the gastrointestinal system,  for 100% absorption rate. 

The gIVe Process

At gIVe, we take your wellness journey personally. Using the latest proven science and technology, we can combine quantitative health data (like genetics and blood levels) with qualitative lifestyle information (like eating and workout habits) to create truly personalized vitamin and mineral recommendations. This level of personalization means that you can take exactly what you need and avoid the potentially harmful or ineffective results of taking incorrect dosages and the wrong nutrients.

Medicine is incredible, but it is not the best option for everything or everyone. Our goal is to eliminate some of the "bandaids" and finally get to the root cause of your symptoms- healing you from the inside out. This process as well as our proactive vs reactive approach is why we stand out and will be your newest ~healthy~ addiction. Forms will be provided prior to appointments and our nurses will call you to discuss the standardized safety practices in place to keep every client and our nurses safe. 

No Bandaids. Just gIVe Wellness. 


Choosing gIVe Wellness means choosing a personalized approach. Our team of certified specialists will work together to design a treatment plan specifically for you by understanding your personal goals and evaluating your labs.

Brittany is a Registered Nurse with two Bachelors of Science degrees, as well as being Certified in Health Promotion and Bioethics Humanities and Society, Home Health Certified RN, IV Nutritional Therapy Certified and gIVe's co-founder. Brittany has always had a  passion for all things natural health and integrated wellness which was ignited after personally dealing with various health ailments for many years. Multiple specialists and prescriptions later, Western medicine continued to fail her so she turned to a more holistic and personalized approach to her specific needs leading to a profound improvement in her health and wellness.  While working in various critical care hospital settings for more than six years, she found a consistent fact that Western medicine is not always the best answer. Personalized scientific health data has consistently proven it has more to offer an individual as a whole being rather than just surface level symptom treatment.


Brittany Liposky
Allison is a Certified Family Nurse Practitioner, a Certified Bariatric Nurse, Surgical Assistant, and a Masters prepared nutritionist who has been trained to listen to how the patient actually feels vs. what a majority of expensive labs say, and other healthcare providers tend to demand. After graduating Summa Cum Laude from Boston College, Allison moved to Boulder. Her first job was at Wellspring for Woman, an amazing women’s practice that consisted of a variety of talented Nurse Practitioners, alternative health providers and forward thinking doctors. This began her love for comprehensive holistic women’s healthcare. She was trained by some of the best healthcare workers in Colorado, which inspired her to get her Masters in Nutrition at CSU with honors, and then become a Nurse Practitioner through Regis University, with honors. She is also trained in Botox, fillers, and is a Certified BioTe Provider for bio-identical hormone replacement. 


Allison Galloway
Stacie Reebie Volker
Reebie is a Bachelors of Science prepared Registered Nurse, IIN Certified Holistic Health Coach, Certified Home Health Nurse, IV Nutritional Therapy Certified and co-founder of gIVe. As a former D1 athlete, Reebie has also always prioritized health and wellness. After five years experience in various critical care units in the hospital setting, Reebie sought after her passion and had her first experience with holistic medicine working at a Wellness Center. This new experience in holistic medicine and her own growing interest in natural treatments ignited her passion for treating the whole individual, not just the symptom. This mindset is at the center of what gIVe offers its clients - data driven personalized therapies.



The gIVe Philosophy

gIVe Wellness embodies our highest vision of health through peer-reviewed and supported research and utilizes this to provide our clients with whole individual health optimization. Our goal – is to bring optimal wellness to everybody.
We believe that medicine has a place when necessary. However, our current structure has incorporated a sick care system. The food we eat, our environment, everyday household items and more are constantly exposing our body to harmful agents. The body’s liver and kidneys make up a powerful detox system however, the body was never designed to withstand the amount of chemical and toxic exposures we succumb to on a daily basis and needs daily assistance. Instead of getting to the root of this issue or symptoms, our current structure is designed to prescribe what we like to call a “bandaid” to the symptoms, dismissing root cause discovery and healing. 
gIVe Wellness believes in: 
  • Regular detoxing and keeping drainage pathways open.
  • Utilizing clean, organic, nutrient dense food as medicine.
  • Minimizing exposure to chemicals and toxins in the home and daily life.
  • Individual body intelligence through advanced lab testing, tracking, and cycle syncing.
  • Personalized safe health care.
  • Obtaining supplements when necessary through clean and reliable third party tested sources.
  • Optimizing whole individual health through advanced wellness services and cutting edge technology.
  • Accessible health resources.
  • Science backed and peer reviewed research and literature.
  • Mindful stress reduction and circadian rhythm balance.
  • Supporting the community and local female businesses. 
Health care should be as unique as you are. Our health optimization plan is individualized and embodies lifestyle assessment, biometric testing and personal goals to help every client achieve their highest self. Our goal is to make wellness and a healthy lifestyle easy for all of our clients by providing all of the resources to bring health and wellness in the home while also providing mobile advanced wellness services and personalized supplemental health care.
gIVe Wellness is current with FDA regulations and follows the most up to date regulations. We believe that transparency in our research validated services, pharmaceutical grade ingredients, FDA compliance, continued education practices, and client focused safety standards make us unique to other local mobile services outside of our personalized approach. 
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