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At gIVe Wellness, we utilize the latest advancements in diagnostic testing to offer an extensive line of specialized blood panels, measuring hundreds of critical biomarkers in your body. The comprehensive data obtained through gIVe LABS provides a complete picture of your current health in order to determine your unique health optimization plan. The Baseline and Micronutrient Wellness Tests are drawn for your Personalized Peak IV Drips quarterly. Adding on Hormone and Genetic Wellness Tests are also strongly encouraged during your first Personalized Peak Lab Draw. 

Our Mobile Service books a gIVe Wellness Medical Professional to arrive at your home or office or other location of preference. Our process allows us to safely obtain your labs and initiate your IV Wellness Drip within a single poke. All labs are available a la carte or as an add on option prior to your booked IV Wellness Drip. Add on a
Wellness IV Drip for just $50! 
Obtain a free Wellness IV Drip with your quarterly Personalized Peak Lab Draws.

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