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The MycoTOX Profile is a specialized diagnostic tool designed to detect and quantify exposure to mycotoxins, which are toxic metabolites produced by molds. This urine-based assay is significant due to its focus on a wide range of mycotoxins, specifically targeting 40 species of mold across 11 different mycotoxins. 


If you are experiencing symptoms such as chronic fatigue, headaches, sinusitis, respiratory problems, neurological symptoms, cognitive impairments, skin rashes, and immune dysfunction or have a known exposure to moldy environments or chronic respiratory problems like asthma, chronic sinus infections, or other unexplained respiratory issues this test would be beneficial for you.


Our medical providers will provide an in-depth review of your results and you will receive a personalized health optimization plan to take your health to the next level.


  • Once your purchase is completed we will contact you to confirm your appointment and provide specific lab instructions. During business hours, please allow an hour for us to contact you and 24 hours outside of business hours to book your appointment.  

    This lab is a urine catch and can be sent to you directly to be completed in the comfort of your home. The evaluation, consultation and personalized optimization plan of your results will be completed in an online appointment. Please reach out with any questions!

    Please make sure we have the best point of contact information to guarantee we can reach you to confirm your appointment. 

    The patient intake form is also required, please complete the form at the time of your purchase.

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