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  • What is IV Therapy?
    IV or intravenous therapy is a way of delivering fluids, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and amino acids through veins. IV therapy bypasses the gastirointestional system and goes directly into the bloodstream for 100% absorption.
  • How long do IV Drips take to administer?
    Administration times differ between each IV Drip on our menu. Typically, the IV Drips are administered anywhere from 45 minutes to 2 hours and clients can return to their daily lives immediately after the IV is finished.
  • How often can I get IV Therapy?
    The frequency of IV therapy depends on several different things. Each clients needs will be addressed on an individual basis. Some clients will need IV therapy every week while others only once a month.
  • Who will administer the IV Drip?
    Our team of registered nurses will adminster the IV. They are fully certified IV therapy registerd nurses who are also home health certified. You can take comfort knowing they will come to your home in the appropriate PPE (personal protective equipment) and keep your safety as a top priority.
  • How does mobile IV Therapy work?
    All you need to do is schedule an appointment through the BOOK NOW portion of our website. This will take you to JANE where you can create an account and book an appointment. From there, you can fill out the New Client Paperwork. Once your appointment is confirmed, one of our certified nurses will drive to your house and administer the IV Drip of your choice. The IV Drips typically take about an hour to administer and then you can get back to your daily life!
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