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Health Individualized

For those seeking a more personalized approach to their health & wellness. Because you are not generic.

Longevity IV Therapy

For those seeking our Methylene Blue, NAD+, or our combo therapy packages, a Longevity IV Therapy Consultation is required for every client. Labs will be drawn, assessment and intake will be completed for eligibility. Complimentary Wellness IV Drip will be administered after labs are drawn during consult visit. Consultation must be booked at least one week in advance of anticipated therapy. 

Personalized IV Therapy Peak Membership

The ultimate membership for clients seeking to take their health to a personalized level. Personalized IV Therapy Consultation must be completed as your first session. With your first session, we will discuss your New Client Intake form and review your history, lifestyle and health goals. A complimentary Wellness IV Drip will be given after drawing your initial baseline labs. These labs are individually tailored, but can include a basic metabolic/chemistry panel, complete blood count, G6PD, and a micronutrient panel. We also highly recommend adding on genetic and hormone testing with these baseline labs. After your results are reviewed, our team will work with you to design a protocol specifically for your body's needs and your personal health and wellness goals.

Personalized IV Therapy Consultation is required for all clients seeking Personalized IV Therapy through our Peak Membership. Must schedule consultation appointment a week in advance to allow time for appropriate testing to be ordered.

Methylene Blue

Individualized to the client. A Longevity IV Therapy Consultation must be completed prior to booking. Methylene Blue quickly crosses the blood brain barrier, improves cognition and memory in healthy people, reduces inflammation and behavioral complications associated with diffuse and traumatic brain injuries (TBI), increases mitochondrial function (what the brain’s neurons and all cells in your body rely on for energy) and ATP Production (the energy that powers all cells in the body) promoting positive effects on mood and memory, acts as an antioxidant - stopping the oxidative cascade at the very beginning before it gets a chance to do any damage, lengthens the lifespan of brain cells, potent anti-aging benefits, amplifies the amount of NAD+ (precursor to Glutathione) produced by the mitochondria, boosts serotonin and norepinephrine affecting anxiety, depression and memory, assists brain cell respiration- how the brain uses oxygen, attenuates the formations of Amyloid Plaques and Neurofibrillary Tangles (Alzheimer's Disease Markers), partially repairs impairments in mitochondrial function and cellular metabolism. 


Want to slow down the effects of aging and keep feeling vibrant? Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD+) is a form of Vitamin B3 and a metabolic co-enzyme found in ALL living cells which aids your body in DNA repair, energy production, metabolism, immunological functions and more. It actually holds more than 100 functions in the human body mechanism, but your body is unable to produce it naturally. Levels naturally decrease as you age which is why it is commonly hyped as the "anti-aging molecule", constant replenishment of these specialized enzymes will improve and restore ALL of your cells! The only mechanism to replenish is through our Individualized IV Drip. A Longevity IV Therapy Consultation is required prior to booking. 

MB/NAD+ Combo

There are many uses of Methylene Blue, and it is effective in quickly crossing the blood-brain barrier. It improves mitochondrial efficiency and respiration (oxygen delivery), acts as an antioxidant, and increases the lifespan of brain cells. It has proven effective in treating many conditions from brain fog to malaria. For the purposes of this protocol, we will be focusing on the anti-aging and cognitive improvements you can expect from the combination of Methylene Blue and NAD+. Below is our primary protocol with a maintenance protocol as well. 
Cognitive Function Loading Phase is our Primary Protocol where we will treat twice a week for five straight weeks. 
After the Loading Phase is completed, monthly maintenance for a steady delivery of nootropic nutrients is completed in one visit.

Discounted Packages

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