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Methylene Blue quickly is quickly becoming the most sought after supplement as it has so many benefits in the body - it quickly crosses the blood brain barrier, improves cognition and memory in healthy people, reduces inflammation, reduces behavioral complications associated with diffuse and traumatic brain injuries (TBI), increases mitochondrial function (what the brain’s neurons and all cells in your body rely on for energy) and ATP Production (the energy that powers all cells in the body) promoting positive effects on mood and memory, acts as an antioxidant - stopping the oxidative cascade at the very beginning before it gets a chance to do any damage, lengthens the lifespan of brain cells, has potent anti-aging benefits, amplifies the amount of NAD+ (precursor to Glutathione) produced by the mitochondria, and boosts serotonin and norepinephrine affecting anxiety, depression and memory, assists brain cell respiration- how the brain uses oxygen, attenuates the formations of Amyloid Plaques and Neurofibrillary Tangles (Alzheimer's Disease Markers), partially repairs impairments in mitochondrial function and cellular metabolism. Our Protocol of MB can be given alone to reap the many benefits or given in conjunction with NAD+ for the best results.

Methylene Blue

  • Treatment is individualized to the Client. Client must have completed a LONGEVITY IV Consult prior to booking. First dose is $150 and all subsequent dosages are $200.

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