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gIVe Takes IV Therapy Personalized

Updated: Mar 24


At gIVe Wellness, we know the future of healthcare is personalized. The one size fits all approach to clinical nutrition is an outdated model. Blood analysis and cellular nutrition are key areas of study as they provide insights into the driving factors of which nutrients you need more of, less of, and which could be harmful. For our clients, this means - less guessing, more testing; lower incidence of side-effects due to intake testing and analysis; optimal outcomes driven by your own biometric data. This data will empower you to analyze your personal health data and thus have the power to make precise and informed decisions about your health and cellular nutrition status. Our founders are registered nurses that are IV Therapy Certified who are working with an advanced practice family nurse practitioner with the goal to optimize each client's individual health and wellness.

How gIVe Makes IV Therapy Personal

gIVe Wellness offers several different lab tests for us to really get to know each of our clients. We start with standard lab testing that includes a basic metabolic panel, complete blood count, and G6PD. A set of baseline values of these three tests are vital for the safety of any returning clients in our clinic.

​Basic Metabolic Panel

Complete Blood Count


​Measures blood levels of glucose, calcium, sodium, potassium, carbon dioxide, and chloride.

Measures your red blood cells, hemoglobin, hematocrit, white blood cell count, and platelet counts.

Provides insight into the glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase gene. This enzyme is active in virtually all types of cells and plays a critical role in red blood cells. We test for a deficiency in the G6PD enzyme because a G6PD deficiency with IV therapy can cause the destruction of red blood cells called hemolysis.

To take our testing and personalization to the next level, we then offer our clients micronutrient testing. Micronutrient testing gives us significant insight into your body at a biochemical level. This test evaluates how 31 different vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and antioxidants are working within your cells. This test goes even further and tells us how your cells withstand oxidative stress, how well cells are metabolizing carbohydrates, and how adeptly cells function when launching an immune response. The micronutrient testing we use also measures the levels of the nutrients inside the cell - which is where the nutrients do their job - unlike other serum tests that measure the levels outside the cell. This test gives us the most comprehensive insight into exactly what your body needs. After reviewing the results of all your lab tests, our team will work together to design a treatment plan specifically for you.

The personalization at gIVe does not stop after the initial labs and IV therapy treatment. We want to track your progress and make sure we are on the right path to optimizing your health. We offer quarterly lab testing to track your progress and to then make any alterations to the treatment plan as needed. Our team of highly trained clinicians are determined to work together with you personally to achieve all your health and wellness goals.


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