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This IV can be given at any time before or after surgery. Depending on IV timing the formulation is different and specific in order to enhance recovery, facilitate quicker wound healing and reduce the risk of infection. 


Recommended treatment:


  • One IV a week prior to surgery
  • One IV 1-3 days before surgery
  • One IV 3-5 days post op


* 3 pack and 6 pack deals for this treatment are also available- contact (303) 335-0218 for pricing*

Surgical Recovery

  • Reserve your IV Drip and we will contact you to confirm your appointment. During business hours, please allow an hour for us to contact you and 24 hours outside of business hours. Please make sure we have the best point of contact information to guarantee we can reach you to confirm your appointment.

    The client intake form is also required, please complete the form at the time of your purchase.

    This 45-60 min appointment is conducted at your home, other place of choosing or one of our local offices. 

    When you book your IV Wellness Drip with gIVe Wellness, you’ll get a powerful cocktail of vitamins and nutrients customized to your needs. Once one of our wellness professionals and registered nurses arrive at your home they will recommend an area of your choosing for maximized relaxation and comfort. Once you are comfortable, a registered nurse will administer your IV Drip. Then, all you have to do is sit back, relax, and wait for the immediate and incredible benefits. You can use your phone, work on your laptop, or even read a book while you wait for the appointment to finish. After your IV Drip, one of our nurses will check back with you and make sure you’re feeling great before heading out. From start to finish, gIVe Wellness's IV Wellness Drips are a restorative and one-of-a-kind experience.

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