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gIVe Wellness

Your local partner for detox, recovery, vitality, longevity and personalized health and beauty.


making IV personal to gIVe everyBODY what it needs for optimal wellness

Our popular wellness services are made for those looking to  boost immunity, relieve fatigue, detox the body, reduce stress and anxiety, promote athletic recovery, boost metabolism, slow aging, enhance beauty, improve hydration, and assist in altitude acclimation.

For those seeking a more personalized approach to their health, biomarker blood testing will provide your personal data which will be evaluated along with your lifestyle, health history and personal goals. Then our team of certified specialists will work together with you to design your optimized wellness plan.


"Britany and Reebie are so personable and knowledgeable about the body, and how enzymes/ vitamins/ hormones interact with how you function each day. They are pleasant and professional and care about their patients. I always look forward to seeing them. Im in my 40s and am excited about how gIVe is helping me be healthier through their monthly program!"

Wellness Is Not One-Size-Fits-All

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